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Neighbourhood Plan

Hurst Green along with many other towns and villages in England, is taking the opportunity given by the Localism Act of 2011 to have a genuine influence on the future development of our own community by creating a Neighbourhood Plan which will carry full legal status once it is made (adopted).


The plan is a legal document that allows local people to create a plan that allows us to develop planning policies that reflect the priorities of our area and has real legal weight. The whole community then decides at a referendum vote whether the local authority should bring the plan into force.


The neighbourhood plan is:


- A document that sets out planning policies for our Parish, with the planning policies used to decide whether to approve planning applications


- Written by the local community, rather than the Local Planning Authority


- A powerful tool to ensure Hurst Green gets the right types of development and in the right place, as well as a method to document what we wish to happen with our open spaces, transport and anything else we wish to include in the plan.


Working in close cooperation with the District Planners but always with the best interests of Hurst Green and its future at heart, the Steering Group and its Task Groups are predominantly made up of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to get involved, please do contact either the Clerk or any of the Council's Councillors. We would be delighted to hear from you.


Summary of Activity To-date


October 2018 - The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meet, of particular note was the significant successful effort that was undertaken in ensuring that Hurst Green was removed from the Rother DaSA document, thus allowing Hurst Green to undertake its own housing site allocations. An updated project plan was produced, as was an updated budget and our first batch of environmental evidence documents, all of which have been uploaded to this website.


August - September 2018 - The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meet twice. Our various task groups continued to gather evidence to support the plan, of particular note was the activities of the Housing Group which concluded an initial call for sites, undertook extensive engagement with Rother District Council in relation to the DaSA, as well as held meetings with local landowners to produce a range of options for consideration.


June & July 2018 - The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group met for the first time, as did the Housing task group, who have initiated the call for sites process and have begun engagement with local landowners. The Education & Training task group conducted further research, including a visit to Hurst Green Primary School where local children outlined their vision for the future of Hurst Green.


May 2018 - The following three Task Groups: Education & Training, Leisure, and the Economy, Business & Tourism task group held their first meetings. Find out more on the people and resources pages.


April 2018 - Parish Councillors meet with local residents who had expressed interest in working on the neighbourhood plan, to consult on and discuss the plan and the proposed steering group, and to make plans for forming the task groups.


February 2018 - Parish Councillors, assisted by volunteers from the community held two interactive kick-off workshops where over 115 local residents attended to discuss the idea of the plan, as well as the future development, planning and issues affecting the village. The sessions captured hundred of ideas for improvements, as well as calling for volunteers to join the steering group and planned tasks groups.


January 2018 - Parish Councillors meet with a group of local residents to plan an interactive workshop to kick-off the neighbourhood plan process, where residents will be be asked to discuss and document their ideas for the future development, planning and issues affecting the village.




December 2017 - Parish Councillors meet with a group of local residents interested in getting involved with the neighbourhood plan, where it was discussed how the village might kick-off the process.


June 2017 - Rother District Council confirmed that, in accordance with Regulation 7 of the Neighbourhood Plan (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), the marked area shown on the map above (being that of the Parish boundary) was formally designated as the Hurst Green Neighbourhood Plan Area. You can view the decision notice from Rother District Council.


April 2017 - Hurst Green Parish Council submitted an application to Rother District Council for the designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area. In accordance with Part 2, Regulation 5 (1) of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Hurst Green Parish Council (as the relevant body). You can view the submitted files: A map which identifies the area to which the area application relates and also the Hurst Green Neighbourhood Plan Area designation letter


Latest News


An initial open Call for Sites has concluded, where residents, landowners and other interested parties were invited to submit suggestions to help identify land within Hurst Green Parish which has potential for new housing and other uses. Find out more on the dedicated Call for Sites section.


The following task groups are currently running: 1) Education & Training, 2) Housing, 3) Leisure, and 4) Economy, Business & Tourism. Find out more and how to get involved on the people and resources pages


Upcoming Meetings


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meets once a month, usually on the third Tuesday of each month at the Village Hall. All meetings are open to the public, who are warmly invited to come along to hear about progress, to share their thoughts and perhaps even volunteer.


TBC - Monthly Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (note: unfortunately is likely to be one week later than usual)


TBC - Housing Task Group: Public Meeting


Latest Evidence & Meeting Documents


You can view all of the documents relating to the draft plan on the Documents & Resources page.


HGNP - NPSG Agenda - 23rd October 2018 - Meeting 4


HGNP - Housing Task Group - Ancient Woodland and Public Green Spaces - Hurst Green Village v1


HGNP - Housing Task Group - Ancient Woodland and Public Green Spaces - Silver Hill v1


HGNP - Housing Task Group - Ancient Woodland and Public Green Spaces - Swiftsden v1


HGNP - Housing Task Group - Hurst Green Parish - Flood Warning Areas v1


Response to initial call for sites: Appendix A and Appendix B Appendix C


Evidence Document #2 - Residents comments received on the A21 School Route (Education and Training Task Group)


Evidence Document #1 - Residents comments received at the Neighbourhood Plan Kick-off Public Engagement Events





All documents relating to the plan can be viewed on the Documents & Resources page.





The Neighbourhood Plan is led by a Steering Group and supported by several Task Groups. Find out more about who is contributing to the plan on the People & Groups page.



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